Dinner theater opens at 6pm. Dinner starts at 6:00pm. First movie at 7pm and Second film starts at 9pm.

Dinner this Friday night at 6pm $22.

WE Now are selling BEER. We have PBR, MILLER LITE, BUD LITE, CORONA and SWEETWATER IPA. We also have BLUE MOON on Tap.

 We have some great films for September and October and the weekend before Halloween we will have many celebrity guests in for the Full Moon Tattoo and Horror Festival. They will be in attendance for films at the Cineplex.  Please note as a few of the films for the Full Moon Festival have changed time slots.

If you would like information on reserving the Theater Space, Email us at thebloodywolf@hotmail.com or stacmakeupfx@yahoo.com (Dinner Reservations close at 3pm day of showings) 

*If you bought tickets online. The Tickets will be held at the door for you to pick up.*

Available for Private and Corporate Events.