The Full Moon Cineplex is home to Nashville's classic movie theater. Dinner and Movie $22.  General Admission tickets are $7. If you are wanting dinner please order your tickets before 2pm on Friday or Saturday so we know how many to prepare for.  We are now selling BEER. We have PBR, Miller Lite, BUD Light, Corona and Sweetwater Blue.  We also have Lagunitas IPA, White Zombie and YAZOO Gerst on Tap.

This Thursday Night. The Nashville Premiere of DEATH HOUSE. Star Kane Hodder will be in attendance. Tickets are $13 for this special event. DEATH HOUSE Premiere has SOLD OUT for the 7pm screening! Amazing Thank you all who are coming to see this film! For those who missed out. We are adding a 2nd Showing at 9pm! So there is still time to get tickets for the 9pm screening.

If you would like information on reserving the Theater Space, Email us at or (Dinner Reservations close at 2pm day of showings) 

*If you bought tickets online. The Tickets will be held at the door for you to pick up.*

Available for Private and Corporate Events.